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Foggy Nelson's Family

So I'm writing a fic based on current developments in Daredevil. Specifically, [open for spoiler]Foggy's recent cancer diagnosis. I'm writing Matt/Foggy h/c and trying to come up with reasons why Foggy's family wouldn't have been contacted/around. Marvel's wiki gave me a pretty good surface justification for not involving his mother, Rosalind Sharp. I'm wondering
  1. Am I right in thinking that Foggy hasn't had much to do with her since she didn't support him when he was accused of murder?
  2. What kind of relationship does he have with the rest of his family? Has it ever been shown in canon?

I could probably go with "I'm not involving my mother and if I tell anyone else in my family, it's going to get back to her and she's going to come barreling in and try to take charge, etc etc," but if there are additional canonical reasons for keeping them out of the picture, I'd like to know them.


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Nov. 28th, 2013 03:22 am (UTC)
Foggy has a pretty poor relationship with Rosalind Sharpe, and justifiably so! However, he has a warm, supportive and loving relationship with his father, Edward, and his stepmother, Anna. When he was in hospital at the start of Bendis's run, Anna rushed straight to his bedside. His relationship with his (half-)sister Candace seems to be more off-and-on though. I have no idea why he wouldn't tell Edward and Anna.
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