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So did the people in Zanarkand 1000 years ago know that it was Sin attacking them? To my recollection, they seemed like they had no idea, especially since Auron tells Tidus "We called it Sin" and Tidus is all "bwuuuhh!?". Also, as there had been attacks before that, did it just never attack anywhere close to Zanarkand since the inhabitants seemed like they had no idea what was going on? Yu Yevon lost control over it, but I don't seem to recall any mention of when exactly that was. Is this hand-wave or is there an actual general date?


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Sep. 19th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Er, IIRC, since the Zanarkand in the beginning of the game wasn't the REAL Zanarkand, they had no idea what Sin was. Tidus says that also, unlike the rest of Spira/the real world, fiend attacks were really rare- although there were still a few sometimes.

The way it worked was:

1,000 Years Ago-
Bevelle, then a city made of machina, declared war on Zanarkand. They were crushing Zanarkand, when Yu Yevon came up with a way to defeat them along with his daughter Yunalesca. Yu Yevon turned himself into Sin, etc. Sin them pummeled Bevelle until they surrendered, at which point Yunalesca told everyone the teachings of Yu Yevon/Yevon and used her husband/the final aeon to seal away Sin. This starts that whole thing.

The way Yu Yevon was able to summon Sin was by turning most/a lot/not sure/all of the people of Zanarkand into fayth. Real!Zanarkand was destroyed, and fake!Zanarkand was created by the fayth's dreams. Tidus comes from that Zanarkand- he didn't time travel at all, he just assumed he did because of all the "it was destroyed a thousand years ago!" things he was told. This is also why he died at the end of the game- no fayth = no dreaming = no Zanarkand.

So, because of that, it's probably safe to assume fake!Zanarkand had never run into Sin- Sin wouldn't have a reason to attack. I think that's why in that one FMV, Sin is looming and no one seems to notice? And of course why Tidus didn't know what the hell it was- he's not that dumb!

So in short:

Real!Zanarkand- totally knew and sort of created Sin.
Dream!Zanarkand- what the hell is Sin?
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