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Marvel Question: Emma Frost's Powers

How invasive are Emma Frost's powers? For example, if Dr. Strange had a massive crush on Peter Parker (not actual pairing in the fic, sorry to any Strange/Spider-man shippers lol), would she be able to pick up on it without having to look in Strange's mind, so to speak? What if Peter was put in danger and Strange was very agitated and worried, would she be able to detect the depth of Strange's feelings without having to look?

I know she's done some sort of therapy with Scott, when they portrayed this, was it a physical thing? For example, Scott defeating "enemies" in his own mind, or did she actually talk him through issues in a more traditional way? Do you have any issue recommendations for examples of how this went down?


Chrono Trigger: Question about Flea

I'm toying with a fanfic idea, and Flea would have a secondary role.

The problem is figuring out how to refer to hir.

Do we know if Flea is transgender or a crossdresser?

Would it be better to refer to Flea in the masculine or in the feminine?

EDIT: Also, can we get a Chrono Trigger tag? It wouldn't let me tag the post.

WoW-related question

Is there any evidence of bathrooms in Orgrimmar and Stormwind?

I'm under the impression that SW uses indoor plumbing because they have sewers (I think?). I haven't seen anything like it in Org, though.

I assume that Org uses either outhouses or chamber pots, if not their own system of plumbing. I have seen some outhouses, but they were only used in remote places such as houses/farms in Elwynn and Grizzly Hills. I would guess that the bigger cities have better systems for, uh, waste removal.

The Good Guys

Settle an argument for me: Has it been outright stated that Dan and Ruiz were partners at some point? I swear it was, but can't remember the scene.
Is there a scene in Hikaru no Go where Sai sees The Tale of Genji in a bookstore and is excited that Lady Murasaki had finished her story, since it was incomplete when he died? Or is this just in a HnG fanfic somewhere?

I was convinced it was canon, but I can't find it anywhere in my volumes. The closest is Game 15, where a) Hikaru & Sai visit a bookstore and b) Lady Murasaki is mentioned, but not the Tale of Genji.

If it IS a scene from a fanfic that accidentally merged with canon in my head, could anyone tell me what fanfic it is?

Thanks in advance, this has been driving me vaguely batty!

Naruto question...

When did the rest of the Rookie 9 + team Gai learn about Naruto having the Kyuubi sealed inside him? I know Sakura learned during the rescue Gaara arc, and I don't remember a scene where they were point-blank told. Was there a scene where suddenly it was established that they knew (before the Pain arc, I mean), and if so, where? Best guesses are also welcome.


Also posted on canon_evidence .

I apologize in advance because this is probably a very dumb question...but I really can't seem to remember anything about this detail.

So, my stupid-yet-necessary-for-my-fanfic question is...are there bathrooms in the Gryffindor Towers? And what about Slytherin's place in the dungeons? Are there handy bathrooms round there or are the students supposed to go to the female and male bathrooms around the school?

I guess there would be at least one for each House since they might want to take a shower in the morning, but I really can't remember if that is the case!

Could anyone help me out on this one?

PS: sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my 1st language.

Avatar: The Last Airbender question

How long does it take, roughly, to get from Ba Sing Se to the Fire Nation by ship? days? weeks? Is it even addressed? It seems I remember Katara making comments about traveling without Appa taking weeks, but that was different circumstances.

If it wasn't mentioned (and I realize this is likely), best guesses are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

BioShock question

Approximately how deep is Rapture? If you somehow got sucked out of the city (like through a broken window), would the water pressure kill you before you drowned?

Question for WoW Players/Enthusiasts

 I have two questions about Horde and Alliance taking prisoners.

Is it feasible to think that:
  • a group of Alliance scholars and guards, travelling to Gadgetzan on Kalimdor, would see a troll possible harm to another Alliance member and imprison him instead of killing him on-site? The scholars/guards did not see the troll commit the crime, but assume it by what the Alliance member tells them.
  • a Horde raid group in Horde territory would see a group of Alliance members travelling and would kill armed members on-sight and take unarmed members as prisoners?

Thanks in advance. I'm slightly  more confident on the former scenario, seeing as the group in question is one of scholars, but I'm still unsure with both.